Life is changing at big law firms, and it’s important for you to be perceived as an expert by your firm’s leadership. The IFMA Legal Council is here to help – by connecting you to your peers, giving you access to surveys about best practices, and helping you achieve credentials that are respected throughout the Facility Management profession. Investing in IFMA is a relatively small cost when compared to the potential benefits you can receive.

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Membership Benefits & Resources

Benchmarking: The Legal Industry Council conducts regular benchmarking studies that allow its members to speak with authority about what their peers are doing. These studies are available for free to participants. If you did not participate in the last study, it is available for purchase through the IFMA online store.

Education: The Council promotes its members’ education by:

  • Supporting members working towards professional designations (CFM, SFP) by hosting study groups and providing financial aid toward testing fees for those who participate in these study sessions and pass the test
  • Providing semi-monthly webinars and teleconference round-tables on a variety of educational issues of interest to Facility Managers at law firms
  • Offering scholarships to qualifying members for attendance at World Workplace

Electronic Discussion Group: The Council offers a members-only email list through “Google Groups” that allows participants to communicate with other FM professionals.

Meetings and Teleconferences: The Council sponsors meetings of local groups around the country for facilities professionals at law firms. If you are interested in hosting one of these at your law firm, or want information on organizing a group in your area, please contact the LIC President.

Member Resource Directory: A membership directory is regularly distributed to Council members.

Networking: Connect with a worldwide network of FM professionals in the legal industry. Utilize our network to gain knowledge, receive feedback, and benchmark your firm with its peers.

Newsletter: Get the latest information on upcoming events, legal industry news about peers at law firms, and more through the Council’s quarterly newsletter.

Web site: Log on to for council information and events, archived newsletters, industry articles and more.